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 Daughter of Muslim Cleric Goes into Hiding in UK After Confessing to Pole-dancing
A Muslim cleric's daughter has gone into hiding in the UK after confessing to pole-dancing. She even went topless at the "right venue," she had revealed.

Police were called to escort Yasmin Fostok, 27, away from her flat in the south of the capital to take her an undisclosed location on Saturday.

Pole dancing is a form of dancing/gymnastics. It involves dancing sensually with a vertical pole and is often used in strip clubs and gentlemen's clubs, although more recently artistic pole dancing is used in cabaret/circus and stage performance in a non-erotic environment.

Advanced pole dancing requires significant strength and endurance. In a strip club setting, pole dancing is often performed less gymnastically and combined with striptease and lap dancing.

It emerged last week that Fostok regularly performs in bars and nightclubs. There was also a report that her father - leader of the now outlawed al-Muhajiroun group - had paid for a £4,000 breast enlargement operation for her.

Her father Omar Bakri Mohammad, a Muslim preacher known for his vitriol, now lives in Lebanon.

According to The Sun, busty Yasmin Fostok, 27, leads a secret life after rebelling against her fanatical Muslim dad who rants against Western "depravity."

Fostok, one of Bakri's three daughter's has dyed her hair blonde, changed her name from Youssra to Yasmin and separated from her Turkish-born husband.

She admitted being was a dancer with a troupe called Ibiza Untouched and was quoted in The Sun as saying that she had been known to perform topless "if the venue is right."

She also distanced herself from her father, who praised the September 11 hijackers while living in Britain.

She was quoted as saying: "I don't agree with his views, I just get on with my life and that's it."

But the reports of her activities angered her father and led to fears that she could make her a target for extremists.

Syrian-born Omar Bakri Mohammad settled in north London where he brought his family up before leaving for Lebanon three years ago.

He left Britain after the July 2005 bombings. He remains there despite an unsuccessful attempt to return to this country.

In 2006 he attempted to join the evacuation of British citizens from Beirut amid fighting between Israel and Hizbollah but was refused.

Last week he had furiously denied the story about his daughter and claimed Britain would "pay a heavy price."

But, speaking from Lebanon Friday, he seemed to suggest that Fostok was an imposter and not his daughter.

UK police have refused to confirm or deny reports that she has received security advice.

A spokesman said that officers had escorted her away from the property at her own request but denied suggestions that she had been taken to a "safe house."

Scotland Yard confirmed that police had been called to Fostok's home at the weekend after the details of her life as a nightclub dancer were disclosed in the media.

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