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 Dangerous Diets Put British Women's Health at High Risk
Millions of British women are putting their health at risk by shunning nutritious foods, health experts have warned.

An analysis of more than 100 scientific studies has painted a worrying picture of the dietary habits of the UK's female population.

From teenage girls who are missing out on healthy food to pensioners who are lacking vitamin D, women are raising their odds of disorders from heart disease and breast cancer to brittle bones and depression.

The review, commissioned by the independent body Health Supplements Information Service (HSIS) discovered a lack of balanced meals in a nation hooked on junk food or obsessed with eating fads.

"The quality of a womans diet is fundamentally important across her lifespan, not only during the childbearing years," the Telegraph quoted Dietician Dr Carrie Ruxton from HSIS as saying.

"The diets of UK women are, in general, characterised by high intakes of salt and saturated fat, and low intakes of fruits, vegetables, fibre and oily fish.

"Women need to make better dietary choices to ensure that they consume enough vitamins and minerals and, thus, safeguard their health," Ruxton added.

The report blamed a variety of factors from busy lives to lack of cooking skills for the lack of key ingredients in a daily diet and called for more awareness of fortified foods and vitamin and mineral supplements to make up for this loss.

The new research has been published in the journal Nutritian Bulletin.

Source: ANI

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