Cholesterol-reducing Statins' Have Positive Benefits

by Bidita Debnath on Apr 10 2013 10:03 PM

 Cholesterol-reducing Statins
An extensive study has concluded that cholesterol-reducing tablets statins have positive benefits despite some side effects like headaches, nosebleeds and digestive problems.
The drug has already led to a marked reduction in people suffering heart attacks.

But thousands of patients give up on the pills after suffering minor side effects.

Now, however, research scientists have come to the conclusion that, in most cases, users should continue to take statins, the Daily Express reports.

Cardiologist Dr Dennis Ko said for people who would benefit from these drugs significantly, particularly for people with a history of heart problems, you should persist.

The majority of the time, the side effects could get better, he added.

The advice of Dr Ko comes after research based on the medical records of over 100,000 people, which found that stopping taking the drugs can lead to increased cardiac risks and that often the benefits of statins will outweigh mild side effects, the report said.

Experts said the discovery had crucial implications because quitting statins for good increases the chance of serious heart problems in the future, it added.

Statins are extremely effective at reducing cholesterol, the fatty substance, which clogs arteries, triggering heart attack or stroke.