You may Soon Control Your Computer Screens With Eye Movements

by Bidita Debnath on Apr 10 2013 10:07 PM

 You may Soon Control Your Computer Screens With Eye Movements
An Israeli entrepreneur has predicted that people could soon direct computers with their eyes.
For example, ads on smartphones will come alive when users glance in their direction, ebooks will flip pages themselves when people have finished a section and videos will pause instantly when they look away, said Moti Krispil is the chief executive of Umoove.

The Israeli startup is developing head- and eye-tracking technology for mobile devices that, according to Krispil, can be used to create more "human" devices that respond to our subtle movements and natural cues, The Huffington Post reported.

Next month, Umoove will make its tracking technology available to anyone from app developers to smartphone and tablet makers and Kirspil predicts applications that integrate Umoove's tracking tools will be available within three to four months.

With head- and eye-tracking technology in our phones, Kirspil explained that a diagram in an iPad will automatically tilt depending on the angle of your head-the content will be automatically aligned with your face. And if you look closer, it will automatically zoom in.

The technology can recognize movements of users' heads when changed up, left, right, down or tilted, he said.

Even if users are changing the distance between their head and the screen, it can spot it. It can spot the move of pupil or iris, he claimed.

Asked how does the head- and eye-tracking technology work, Kirspil said that all they need in order to track user is the raw video frames coming from the camera.

"We have technology that learns each and every frame in real time, compares the differences and by comparing the differences in the way we do it, we identify specific elements in your face and eyes," he said.