Changes to Organ Donation Laws Required: Sinn Fein MLA

by Vishnuprasad on Feb 18 2015 7:23 PM

 Changes to Organ Donation Laws Required: Sinn Fein MLA
Fermanagh & South Tyrone MLA Phil Flanagan has called for the introduction of legislation providing for an opt-out organ donation system.
Oisín McGrath, 13 and from Belcoo, was a keen sportsman, with a fond interest in Gaelic games, soccer and athletics. The Sinn Fein MLA was speaking after he paid tribute to Oisín McGrath, whose organs were donated to five people after his tragic death last week.

Mr Flanagan said: “Oisín achieved much in a short life. His passing is a terrible loss to his loving family, to the wider McGrath and Dolan families and to the many friends he had.

His parents, Sharon and Nigel, have demonstrated amazing strength in dealing with their tragic loss. I spoke with them on Saturday evening in their home and they have drawn comfort from the support they have received from their friends, neighbours and the wider community.”

So many people across Ireland have now heard about Oisín, who he was and the legacy that he leaves behind. Five other people have received organ transplants, as a result of Oisín’s tragic death. Sharon and Nigel were forced to make the difficult decision whether to donate Oisín’s organs or not. They decided to do so on the understanding that it is what he would have wanted.

“However, families should not have to go through such an ordeal at such an emotional time. We need changes to the laws around organ donation and an opt-out organ donation system must be introduced,” the MLA said.