by Bidita Debnath on  September 20, 2012 at 12:35 PM Research News
 By Playing 'Video' Game Blind People may Develop Crucial Skills
A new "video" game is being developed by researchers for blind people that can help them learn about a new space using only audio cues.

The system, developed by a team led by Lotfi Merabet of Harvard Medical School and Jaime Sánchez of the University of Chile, is called the Audiobased Environment Simulator and uses only audio-based cues to allow blind users to learn about the layout of a previously unfamiliar building.

After playing the game, participants were better able to navigate a real-world version of the space explored in the virtual reality environment, confirming that the spatial information learned in the game was accurate and transferrable.

"Learning through such interactive games represents an innovative and motivating way to improve crucial skills that allow blind individuals to remain functionally independent", says Merabet.

Source: Eurekalert

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