Brit Woman Claims Hypnosis Helped Increase Breast Size

by Kathy Jones on May 6 2013 9:13 PM

 Brit Woman Claims Hypnosis Helped Increase Breast Size
In a bizarre claim, a British woman said that she was able to increase the size of her breasts by two cups with the help of hypnosis.
Ashley Weller, from Horley, Surrey, said that she always wanted bigger breasts and was even thinking about going under the knife.

However just three sessions with her hypnotherapist, Felix Economakis, increased her breast size from 36C to 36E. Economakis said that he was able to increase Weller’s breast size by clearing the psychological blocks in her mind that were preventing her breasts from growing.

“The mind basically controls the body and if you know how to work with the mind you can get it to make changes in the body. We know emotions affect the body. When people get stressed they get headaches, for example. Using hypnosis, I can work directly with the mind. I speak to the part that controls hormones to encourage growth. There are many reasons for these blocks, for instance, during puberty women associate big breasts with unwanted male attention when they were not emotionally ready”, Economakis said.


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