'boob Jabs' Time in Britain

by Rajashri on Oct 22 2008 3:43 PM

Boob jabs are all set to storm Britain after overwhelming success in the US.

After creating a storm in the US, "Botox boob jobs" and "lunchtime boob jabs" are coming to the UK.

The procedure that has been attracting the most attention is the Botox boob job. Long used to freeze the foreheads of Hollywood actresses of a certain age, the botulinum toxin is now being used to give sagging assets a lift.

The "boob jab" is a non-surgical and more natural-looking way to enhance what nature gave you.

American doctors are injecting Botox into the pectoralis minor muscles in the chest, which causes the rhomboid muscle in the chest to raise up, lifting the breast.

"It is not something I'd rule out, if we have some more analysis and testing," the Independent quoted Dr Lorraine Ishak of Transform Cosmetic Surgery Clinics, as saying.

"But as far as I'm concerned, it is experimental Botox, and I would want a very experienced person injecting it," the expert added.

While the treatment is attracting lots of interest from women who want to alter their breasts, there are questions over both the effectiveness and safety of the treatment.

ritish surgeons are increasingly concerned about the growing popularity of such treatments in the UK, where "non-surgical treatments" are so lightly regulated that beauticians and nurses can perform risky procedures.

"These are the major muscles that you use to ski, turn over in bed, do everything. For me, the risks outweigh the benefits," said Dr Nick Milojevic, a Botox specialist at the Harley Medical Group cosmetic surgeons.

"You'd need a lot of Botox for this treatment to work, so it would cost around 1,000 pounds per treatment, and it is something you'd need to repeat three times a year," the expert added.