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 Bollywood Tweets on Woman’s Day
Bollywood took time out on International Women's day to tweet about the fairer sex. Lets have a look at some of the best tweets.

Amitabh Bachchan tweeted- 'Every day is 'Womans Day'...whether she is a national or an international ..!! Why a specific day?'

While his son Abhishek Bachchan had a different opinion- 'Someone asked why is there a women's day and not a men's day? My answer.. Women make sure that the rest of the year is Men's day by celebrating us. So 1 day in a year is the least we can do when it should be the other way round. Happy women's day ladies!'

Bipasha Basu tweeted- Am proud 2 b born as a woman n am happy 2 see tht this day inspires women thruout d world 2 wrk 2wards equality.Happy Women's Day Ladies!! A woman of today can balance her work and personal life beautifully and without a complaint! Celebrate today, everyday! Today marks a celebration of the economic, social, cultural and political achievements made by women over the years.Cheers to all of us!'

Shabana Azmi saluted all women for their spirit- 'I salute all those women and men whose struggle over 100 yes has paved the way for women 2 speak language of RIGHTS. Happy Intrnl womens day. Celebrating Womens Day is NOT Tokenism. It is a SYMBOL 2 focus attention on womens fight 4 justice and equality. In sisterhood I salute them.'

‎Gul Panag had some advice- 'To all the women out there- don't settle for anything less than what YOU think you're worth. Be it a man, job, career or a dress. womensday.'

Ameesha Patel wished the ladies- 'Happy womens day 2 all the super duper women. Tho I feel everyday is a celebration as being a woman is no ordinary task'

Singer Shreya Ghoshal wanted a holiday- 'Happy Women's Day:):) So why is there no holiday for the women today? Day toh bana diya par uska kuchh privileges toh banta hai na! :P'

Neha Dhupia tweeted- Its time to recognize the spirit of womanhood... Happy women's day to all lovely women out there. Give your selves a pat on your back ladies!

Vivek Oberoi opined-I don't believe that women are equal to men. I believe women are way superior! Here's celebrating the 'shakti' that gives us all strength, inspiration and love. I salute God's greatest creation!!! Happy women's day!

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