by Reshma Anand on  December 22, 2015 at 3:06 PM Child Health News
Birth of Conjoined Twins Turns Into a Nightmare for 25-Year-Old Woman
The birth of the child always gives pleasure to the mother but in a rare case, the birth of her babies gave a shock rather than pleasure to the 25-year-old mother.

Guddo Devi has given birth to conjoined twins at a hospital in Uttar Pradesh. The babies are attached to the stomach and share most of their vital organs. They have four arms and two legs.

Mrs Devi and her husband Dalvir Singh, a laborer, were too poor to have an ultrasound check during the pregnancy. They were expecting a normal delivery as she had a very smooth pregnancy period. But when doctors removed the conjoined twins by cesarean section, it was a shock to them.

Dalvir said, "She never complained of any problem throughout her pregnancy. We were excited for the arrival of our first child but when I saw the babies, I could not believe my eyes. I had only heard of such births but never imagined I would have conjoined twins. My family is heartbroken but we have faith in God. Once the babies are discharged, I will take them to bigger hospital and consult specialists for their separation."

Dr Ruchi Gupta, who conducted the C-section, said, "This was the first such case in our hospital and we all were shocked to witness the birth of the child. We only learnt that the mother was carrying a conjoined twin at the last moment."

"The babies are perfectly healthy and so we did not keep them at intensive care unit and rather handed them to their mother. But we cannot tell how long they will survive as conjoined twins have a short life span," she added.

Source: Medindia

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