by Tanya Thomas on  August 20, 2009 at 8:19 AM Lifestyle News
 Beauty Parlour Offering Popstar Makeovers For 3-Year Olds Comes Under Fire
It's only common to see ladies with their feet up, at their favourite beauty parlours, getting their nails done. Now, imagine the same scene - with a three year old!

That's what a certain beauty parlour had in mind when they initiated services for kids as young as three has, offering makeovers, fake tattoos, and even a glass of alcohol-free champagne to its little customers.

The controversial US-style Tantrims and Tiaras salon in Glasgow has been accused of "sexualising" young children, and stripping them off their innocence.

Sandra White, Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP), was reportedly looking to lodge a parliamentary motion condemning the salon, insisting it "pressurises" youngsters into behaving in ways that affect their natural, healthy development, reports The Sun.

Tory MSP Margaret Mitchell also said: "Why can't children be allowed to be children without having to worry about their image, hair and make-up? Who in their right mind would want their toddler to look like a grown-up woman?"

Anne Houston, of the Children 1st charity, added: "The mimicking of drinking alcohol is concerning especially in light of recent reports of serious liver damage among young people."

But owner Mary Abbott defended her salon for individual kids and parties, saying that it was in the spirit of "harmless fun".

She said: "It is a natural part of growing up. I certainly remember wearing my mum's high heels when I was a little girl and wanting to put her lipstick on. Usually the girls want to look like their favourite pop star. We thought the bubbly would go down well, but so far the kids don't seem to like it.

They prefer sugar-free juice."

Source: ANI

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