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Looks Conscious Youngsters Head for Beauty Parlours and Spas
Looks conscious Chandigarh adolescents desiring to please a friend, or nurturing a dream to make a career in the glamour world, are opting for spa treatment, laser surgery, hair styling and designer outfits.

Whether it is expensive cosmetics, or spas and parlours, teenagers don't bat an eyelid over spending 125 dollars a month for their grooming.

"When we stand among friends, we do not like to feel bad about our looks. Everyone goes out to saloons to look good and beautiful. There is nothing negative," says Nishu.

Owners and workers at cosmetic surgery shops, salons and gyms are happy to receive these teens and offer them special packages.

Munish Bajaj, a beauty saloon owner in Chandigarh, said: "Every Tuesday and Thursday, we give a special discount of up to 50 per cent to these youngsters. We also give special facial packages."

According to experts on child behaviour, children gain in maturity at an early age, and hormonal changes make them looks conscious.

Dr. Savita Malhotra, a behavioural expert, says: "The age of puberty has advanced by at least three to four years. Earlier, the pubertal changes would occur somewhere between 13 to 15 years, but now we see puberty setting in even at 10 to eleven years."

Psychiatrists fear this transformation of teenagers into adults before time is a dangerous trend.

The rate at which cosmetic surgery shops are mushrooming and the number of minors going for it, deserves some introspection, they warn.

Source: ANI

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