by Bidita Debnath on  March 29, 2016 at 2:39 AM General Health News
 Back-To-Nature Message, Say No to Chemical Loaded Products
Staying beautiful never goes out of fashion, but it's hard to stay beautiful, retain clear skin sans beauty enhancing products in the world ravaged with pollution and skin troubling agents.

But as a result of this women often end up exposing their skin to chemicals in these products. In the alley of brands flushed with chemicals, there is someone who claims to be taking people back to nature.

Anupama Malhotra, founder of Vert, with her product line which is 100 percent natural and hand-crafted is attempting to provide beautiful and healthy skin sans chemicals. When asked if her products can be tagged as a healer, Anupama told ANI, "Yes, they do heal. There was one customer who had an ice bite. She had gone to all the dermatologists, but was in stress and pain with peeling skin and red hand. After a week of using our body butter, her trouble was sorted."

Talking about the concept where people are returning to where they started from, Anupama said, "It's like a full circle wheel. People started from natural beauty products then they shifted to chemicals and now they are heading back to Mother Nature. Not only in India, but globally people are sick and tired of using chemicals. People now need a good solution for skin care. In our case, the products are not only natural and pure, this is a very ambiguous definition of a product offering, when we say fresh and handmade we mean that we actually put fresh ingredients into the making of a product."

Anupama, who started her range with handmade soaps, believes that what is best for skin should also be best for mother Earth. She claims, "Our products are manufactured in smoke free environment and are 100 percent vegetarian that contains no animal fat. They are not tested on animals. We endeavour to keep our packaging simple, minimal and recyclable to avoid it clogging up dustbins and the environment. All of their packaging material which includes bottles, jars and lids can be easily recycled after the customer has finished using the product."

"Soon I am planning to launch my makeup like that will include lipsticks and blush-on. They will also be made of 100 percent natural products such as rose petals," she added. Vert's range of products starts from Soaps, Body wash, Body salts, Body Butter, handmade Lip Scrubs and Balms, Body Lotion, Shampoos, Hair Mask, Face Mask, Cleansers, Toners, Oils, Powder, Moisturisers and more. Many women are buying the back-to-nature message and shunning chemical loaded products.

Source: ANI

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