by Rathi Manohar on  September 13, 2010 at 10:24 PM Lifestyle News
 Australian Homosexuals Pay Indian Women to Have Surrogate Babies
300 dollars a day are what two Indian women are getting for bearing surrogate babies for an Australian gay couple.

According to, they are believed to be the first gay dads in Queensland to pay Indian women to carry their children, with the total bill costing up to 80,000 dollars, which would be equivalent to more than 10 years' wages for each of the women.

The couple have reportedly paid 20,000 dollars for donor eggs from a Caucasian woman in South Africa. However, they would have to undergo DNA tests to prove that the babies descend from an Australian citizen and claim to be a part of the country.

Unpaid altruistic surrogacy was decriminalised in Queensland in February, allowing same-sex couples to be the legal parents of a surrogate child and the right to be listed as parents on the child's birth certificate.

Action Reform Change Queensland spokesperson Rod Goodbun, a vocal campaigner for reform of the state's surrogacy laws, said it was extremely rare for gay couples to have children using surrogate mothers overseas.

"There are commercial services and agencies online where they can arrange surrogacy pregnancy and the agency will have a list of women who are willing to partake in surrogacy. "At the moment it's not widespread and I don't think it's a huge trend in the gay community," he said.

Prior to this, Queensland was the only state where altruistic surrogacy was a criminal offence, which led to a three years' jail term or 10,000 dollars fine.

India and the US are the two most popular destinations for commercial surrogacy, where contracts for pregnancy are legal.

Source: ANI

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