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Australian Euthanasia Advocate Ends Her Own Life
75-year-old Australia euthanasia advocate Caren Jenning has ended her own life. Only in June she had been convicted for assisting the death of Graeme Wylie, an Alzheimer's sufferer.

Jenning and the man's de facto wife Shirley Justins were both found guilty of manslaughter, for having plied Wylie with veterinary drug Nembutal, banned in Australia.

But the sentence for manslaughter was not pronounced and the case was adjourned to October 7.

Jenning had admitted to the jury that she travelled to Mexico to obtain Nembutal for Wylie.

The same drug she chose to take her own life.

She was suffering from breast cancer, and the disease had spread to other parts of her body.

Exit International founder and fellow euthanasia advocate Dr Philip Nitschke said that Jenning had consulted those close to her on the decision and was alone when she died.

 "It was not an unexpected development given the treatment and persecution she received at the hands of the legal system in the past few years,'' he said.

"She's left a statement, quite detailed statement, and was her wish that it will be released on Monday." 

"I think she will go down (in history) as a person who stood up for what she believed in," Dr Nitschke said.

Former Labor politician, Kep Enderby QC, said Jenning was "one of the finest women I have ever known".

An attorney-general in the Whitlam government, Enderby said he met the former English teacher through his work with the Voluntary Euthanasia Society.

"She had an incredible reputation as a wonderful human being," Enderby told AAP.

"Amongst people who understand things, who realise how bad the present law that covers voluntary euthanasia is, yes, she will be remembered very finely." 

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