by Savitha C Muppala on  September 15, 2011 at 11:14 PM Diet & Nutrition News
Apple Juice in a Bit of a Soup Over Alleged Arsenic Content
Dr. Mehmet Oz, the well-known host of "The Dr. Oz Show," on Fox 5, has warned consumers about the presence of arsenic in apple juice.

On his show, he also took the FDA by its horns wondering how the watch dog has done precious little to restrict the level of arsenic in the apple juice.

Dr. Oz explained that nearly 70% of the apple juice in the U.S. is made from apples coming from china where arsenic-based pesticides are employed.

The FDA has shot back saying that the level of arsenic found in apple juice is negligible and therefore there is no cause for concern.

"It's just so minute and there's no evidence of arsenic in apple juice or seeds. Even if there was enough in processing it wouldn't be enough to cause harm."

Source: Medindia

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