Antibiotics Linked to Cerebral Palsy

 Antibiotics Linked to Cerebral Palsy
Researchers from the University of Leicester have said women who take antibiotics to avert premature birth may in fact be exposing their babies to the risk of cerebral palsy.
The study called the Oracle trial was funded by the Medical Research Council.

The study found that women who took two common drugs put their babies at double the risk of developing palsy as compared to women who did not take the drugs. The drugs in question are erythromycin and Co-amoxiclav.

"The prescription of erythromycin for women in spontaneous preterm labour with intact membranes was associated with an increase in functional impairment among their children at seven years of age," the study's authors wrote. "The risk of cerebral palsy was increased by either antibiotic, although the overall risk of this condition was low."

The details of the study appear in The Lancet.


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