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 AMA Supports AMC Code of Conduct for Doctors
AMA President, Dr Andrew Pesce, said today that the AMA supports the code of conduct for doctors prepared by the Australian Medical Council (AMC).

Dr Pesce said the final Code reflects the views and contributions put forward by the AMA and other groups through an extensive consultation process conducted by the AMC over the last twelve months.

"The Code now better reflects the realities of everyday medical practice and recognises the unique nature of the doctor-patient relationship.

"It is more responsive to individual patient circumstances, it supports the professional judgement of doctors, and it recognises the medical profession's commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards.

"We had concerns with the public consultation draft of the Code, which was circulated last year, but those concerns have been addressed in the final version.

"By making the changes, the AMC has allowed the medical profession to accept some ownership of the Code.

"The AMA would now like to see an education campaign for doctors and the public, and we would like the Code reviewed every three to five years to ensure it remains contemporary and relevant," Dr Pesce said.

The AMA provided expert advice to the AMC as a member of the AMC's Code of Conduct Working Group and the AMC Writing Group.

Dr Pesce said the AMA understands that Good Medical Practice: A Code of Conduct for Doctors in Australia will be considered for adoption or endorsement by the State and Territory medical boards and that the new Medical Board of Australia will adopt the Code.

Source: AMA

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