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Allergens Stay Off; 'Smart' Fabric is Here!

by Tanya Thomas on December 6, 2008 at 9:12 AM
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Allergens Stay Off; 'Smart' Fabric is Here!

Are you tired of allergens in your everyday surroundings setting off your body into its uncontrollable reactions? Then, this new invention is meant for you! 'Smart fabric', are developing by the scientists at the University of Michigan, warns its wearer of allergens in close proximity by glowing in response to them.

According to a report in Discovery News, the scientists created the electrically conductive cloth by dipping cotton fibers into a vat filled with water, a conductive polymer, and carbon nanotubes.


The tubes soaked into the cotton fibers and remained after the cloth was dried.

"The process is quite elementary," said Nicholas Kotov of the University of Michigan, the lead scientist on the project. "But, the thread is able to conduct electricity almost like metallic wires, so we were able to power a light emitting diode," he added.

Carbon nanotubes are tiny, hollow cylinders made of pure carbon atoms and arranged in a flat, repeating hexagonal pattern.

They are lightweight and strong, conduct electricity, and have various optical properties that make them interesting to scientists.

The number of nanotubes in the material varies depending on the number in the vat or the number of times the fabric is treated.

The more nanotubes in the cloth, the more electrically conductive the cloth is.

To prove that the cloth will hold a charge, the scientists attached a thread to a light-emitting diode and watched as it shined.

While stringing a shirt with tiny lights is one potential use for the thread, a more likely use is for clothes that detect airborne allergens or human blood, or for gloves that can manipulate touch screens.

An entire shirt doesn't have to be dipped in carbon nanotubes; Just a few threads need be woven in. This efficiency, along with increasingly cheap ways to produce carbon nanotubes, should help keep the cost down.

"If you want to make a whole shirt from that type of cotton, it may be expensive," said Kotov. "But then again, some cotton shirts cost a substantial amount, so I don't believe it will be cost prohibitive," he added.

According to Kotov, the cloth, of which there is now roughly one square foot, still looks and feels like cotton.

"What we have right now is very much like the fabric you find on jeans," he said.

"It's a combination of a natural material and a synthetic material that is very simple but also quite functional," said Juan Hinestroza, an assistant professor in the Fiber Science and Apparel Design Department at Cornell University.

"I think the implications of smart and interactive clothing are huge," he added.

Hinestroza estimates that electrically conductive, nanotube-based clothing could be found on store shelves within a few years.

Source: ANI

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