by VR Sreeraman on  February 28, 2011 at 1:33 PM Indian Health News
 Allahabad: Around 200 Children Taken Ill For Food Poisoning
Around 200 children, who fell sick after consuming unhygienic food at a feast here, have been admitted to the local hospital after complaints of stomach pain and vomiting.

The children, who fell sick after consuming unhygienic food on Saturday evening, ere administered saline water and medical care.

"We went to have food at Ganesh's house for child birth. After having the food, we began to vomit," said Gudia, a sick child.

Savitri, a local woman, had organised a feast after birth of her grand child.

"My grand child was born. We invited people so boys and girls came to have feast. They had puri (Indian fried bread) halwa (Indian cake) that we had prepared. After having the meal, I don't what happened to them. Around 200 children have fallen sick," she said.

The condition of the ill children is stable and nobody is in critical condition.

Source: ANI

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