by VR Sreeraman on  February 28, 2011 at 1:40 PM Lifestyle News
 Cricket Fever Hits Mass Wedding Ceremony in Udaipur
Cricket fever clearly gripped couples who had gathered for a mass-wedding ceremony in Udaipur earlier this week. Couples went around the holy fire holding cricket bats and balls.

The ceremony was organized by the Tailik Sahu Samaj, which kept cricket as the theme. Forty five couples participated in the event.

"We all are crazy cricket fans, so we planned the mass wedding ceremony on the World Cup theme. The ground was decorated with posters and banners of Indian cricket stars instead of usual decorative items," said Ramkishan, a groom's relative.

The ceremony provided grooms with an opportunity to show their cricket expertise, while for many it was a platform to cheer and enjoy the match in the same way they do in a stadium.I felt good after coming to this function. I feel that I have not come to attend the wedding but to watch a match in a stadium. I am enjoying here," said Bina Sahu, a guest.

A grand stage had been set up to welcome more than 12000 guests.

Each couple that participated in the mass wedding has received a fixed deposit worth Rupees 10000 as a gift from the organization.

Source: ANI

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