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 Aer-O-Scope, a Colonoscope With 360 degree View of Colon
Offering a 360-degree view of the colon, aer-o-scope colonoscope also helps to see behind the haustral folds of the colon, which are sidestepped by conventional colonoscopes.

This device has proved to be very effective. Trails have been carried out on animals to substantiate 360-degree visualization capabilities. Human trials were also conducted and proved very efficient.

The device allows intuitive navigation and orientation and is designed to help reduce the risk of disease transmission. The device offers soft-multi-luminal cable for gentler procedure.

Relying on positioning and inflating one balloon just inside the anal sphincter and inflating another balloon that sits just behind the camera, the propulsion system makes an airtight region between the two balloons.

Pumping CO2 into this region and raising its air pressure allows the distal balloon to push forward and the camera advances along.

For moving through the colon, the moving balloon is designed to inflate and deflate, adjusting as needed to allow it to propel forward while maintaining a proper air seal.

When the camera touches the end, the CO2 is "vented" out the anus.

For removing the device, CO2 is pumped into the region in front of the camera, creating a pressure region that pushes the colonoscope back out.

Advantage of Aer-O-Scope Colonoscope is that it is disposable, as it saves time and money of costly cleaning and sterilization.

It has omni-directional camera, it can basically change the way colorectal cancer screening is done. The device is easy to use as Self-propelled pneumatic intubation may speed up learning curves.

As automatic pressure regulation decreases pressure on colon wall, the device is easy to use. As the device is designed to put 10 times lesser pressure on the colonic wall when compared to standard colonoscope, it enhances safety. Another major safety feature of Aer-O-Scope Colonoscope is that it is automated and regulates pressure on the colon wall and also comes with soft-multi-luminal cable for gentler procedure.

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