A Smart Cup That Guides You On What To Drink

 A Smart Cup That Guides You On What To Drink
Newly designed ‘smart’ cup or Vessyl identifies exactly what you drink, its volume, its nutritional value and guides you when to have your next drink.
Vessyl is a sensor-enabled cup, developed by a San Francisco-based company Mark One, that monitors your consumption habits and works fine even for wine or beer.

The cup is made of a glass-like material and has a holding capacity of 385 ml of liquid.

Aside from the nutritional value, the cup also informs you of the brand, the flavor and the type of the beverage.

As soon as you pour the beverage into the cup, the name of the beverage gets displayed on the outer surface of the cup.

A mobile app that supplements the cup gives you information on the amount of caffeine or alcohol intake on a particular day. The moment you pour the drink into the cup, the app starts keeping track of your each and every sip.

The cup also ascertains the amount of sugar, fat, protein and sodium in a drink.

Another amazing feature of the cup is when you spill over some amount of drink accidentally, the cup does not take it into account as consumption.

CEO Justin Lee perceives Vessyl as the other half of the fitness equation and a companion to the many widely available devices which track exercise and activity level.

The devices available in the market so far have required you to manually enter the information, but this cup has moved a step ahead by automating the whole process.

According to the National Health and Nutrition Education Survey, beverages are the number one single source of calories.

Apart from tracking the caloric content of your drink, the cup measures your hydration level on the basis of your activity level and body weight and enables you to stay well hydrated. The cup displays an optimal hydration score called pryme as a line on its exterior.

"As you use the Vessyl, it's going to learn more about you and your consumption habits and patterns, but the main goal is to actually help you make healthier and more informed decisions in real time," says vice president of health Mark Berman in a video. "Little by little these decisions translate to big changes over time, so much so it can transform your life."

The cup is spill proof, and its non-stick interior enables easy cleaning.

The exact functioning of the cup is kept confidential and not revealed by its designers.

Vessyl’s initial pricing is set at $99 and will have a maximum retail price of $199. 


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