Runner's Knee | Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome - Glossary


Synovial Tissue: Tissue that lines certain joints, tendons and bursae, and secretes synovial fluid.

Tendon: A tough, inelastic connective tissue that joins muscle to another structure, usually bone.

Quadriceps Muscle: The muscle (consisting of four distinct parts) located at the front of the thigh that straightens the leg.

Bursitis: Inflammation of a bursa due to excessive pressure or friction, or from injury.

Bursa: A bursa is a closed fluid-filled sac that functions as a gliding surface to reduce friction between tissues of the body. When the bursa becomes inflamed, the condition is known as 'bursitis'. Most commonly, this is not an infectious condition (aseptic bursitis). When the bursa is infected with bacteria, the condition is called septic bursitis.

Arthroscopy: It is a detecting device, which evaluates the level of damage in the joints.