Cheilitis - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which doctor should I consult for cheilitis?

A: You should first go to the general physician who will evaluate the severity of your symptoms and refer you to the concerned specialist, most probably a dermatologist.


Q: When should I consult the doctor?

A: You should consult a doctor when you suffer from severe scaling, bleeding and painful lips, if the symptoms keep recurring or are associated with any complaints such as fever and headache.

Q: Is cheilitis life threatening?

A: Cheilitis in itself is not life threatening but is indeed very painful and annoying. The underlying cause of cheilitis may be life threatening if neglected and left untreated, for example SLE. Glandularis Cheilitis might result in squamous cell carcinoma.

Q:  Is cheilitis curable?

A: Yes, most cases of cheilitis are curable, if properly diagnosed and treated and followed by good dietary and lifestyle habits.