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Top Ten Ways to Cure Hangover - Slideshow

Developed by Krishna Bora, B.Sc. (Microbiology) | Reviewed by The Medindia Medical Review Team on Feb 27, 2013
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, Top Ten Ways to Cure Hangover
Today's generation believes in the concept of 'work hard and party harder'. As soon as the weekend hits, people start making plans for a big party, pubs, boozing and look towards a good time with friends. But the story changes the next morning as the hangover strikes in. We swear to drink in moderation the next time but somehow that last drink makes everything worse.

All is not lost! Here are some tips to rescue you from those painful mornings and a messed day ahead.


Lemon, Top Ten Ways to Cure Hangover
Lemon is right at the top of this list despite the fact that it is not yet scientifically proven to be a cure for hangover. It is just known to reduce the intensity of hangover. However, it is a popular cure for hangovers in Western countries. Lemon contains citric acid, which helps transforming the acidic condition of the body to alkaline because the minerals left behind after digestion remove the hydrogen ions thus decreasing the acidity caused by alcohol consumption. The changes in pH can actually help to ease the symptoms of hangover such as headaches and migraines. Fresh juice, soup and tea with lemon will help you to feel better and stay hydrated.


Water, Top Ten Ways to Cure Hangover
Drinking lots of water helps you to hydrate yourself and wash alcohol out of your system through urine. Drink a lot of water before going to bed or throughout the day to cure your hangover most efficiently. No wonder why it is called as magic potion.

Aspirin tablets and vitamin C

Aspirin tablets and vitamin C, Top Ten Ways to Cure Hangover
A wonderful way of dealing with hangover is to take two aspirin with a full glass of water. Not only does aspirin reduce headache but the prostaglandin inhibitors in aspirin decrease the hangover severity. Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C that help cure hangovers.

Sports drink

Sports drink, Top Ten Ways to Cure Hangover
We definitely don't wish to send you for a marathon or any sports event. But sports drink helps replace a lot of fluid and electrolytes that are necessary for a proper neural functioning and would help you to ease out headaches and also to think clearer.

Greasy food

Greasy food, Top Ten Ways to Cure Hangover
It is quite possible that greasy food could be in your 'hate-list' but in this case, they can help lessening the pain the next day. It is always advisable that you eat some greasy food before drinking; food loaded with cheese and mayonnaise are examples. This helps slow absorption of alcohol in the blood stream and then in the stomach. So feel free to grab some pizza or burger to feel better the next day.


Asparagus, Top Ten Ways to Cure Hangover
Munch few asparagus sticks as a snack or breakfast. Scientists believe that they are packed with healthy amino acids, minerals and vitamins that help restore these in the body post drinking. Studies also show that asparagus protects your liver cells from damages due to overload of alcohol.


Exercise, Top Ten Ways to Cure Hangover
There is a lot that exercise can do to alleviate hangover. You can wash out the alcohol in your bloodstream by just sweating, which cures hangover faster. Try to get some energy and motivations and exercise. Play your favorite music and start dancing. Remember that the key here is to break the sweat.

Bananas for breakfast

Bananas for breakfast, Top Ten Ways to Cure Hangover
Never ever skip your breakfast, especially when you have hangover. Go for morning cereals with banana. Banana is a rich source of potassium and is a good way to replenish the lost electrolytes due to alcohol's diuretics.


Eggs, Top Ten Ways to Cure Hangover
Eggs are one of the best food items to cure hangover. They are rich in cysteine, an amino acid that can break down toxins that cause hangover. So have an omelet or a boiled egg, and see how they make you feel better soon.

Spicy food

Spicy food, Top Ten Ways to Cure Hangover
This is probably the easiest and the most fun thing to do in the list of hangover cures. Eating hot and spicy food is the fastest way to keep your self sweating so you can get out of hangover quick. Have some hot and spicy curry or some extremely spicy 'chaat' to take all the alcohol out of your body.

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