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Latest Publications and Research on Tibia (Shinbone) Shaft Fractures

Oper Orthop Traumatol  2020 Jan 29  

Suprapatellar nailing of fractures of the tibia.

Hessmann MH, Buhl M, Finkemeier C, Khoury A, Mosheiff R, Blauth M

Intramedullary nailing of tibia fractures via a suprapatellar, transarticular approach with the knee joint in 20-30° of flexion and the use of specifi... Read More

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J Pak Med Assoc    

In the cost-conscious era: Ilizarov circular frame or uniplanar external fixator for management of complex open tibia shaft fracture, retrospective cohort study from a level-1 trauma center.

Atif M, Mohib Y, Hasan O, Rashid H

External fixation is the most commonly used method for temporary management of open fractures of the Tibial shaft followed by internal fixation. This ... Read More

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J Orthop Trauma    

Alleviation of Pain After Femur and Tibia Shaft Fractures Using Nothing Stronger Than Codeine and Tramadol.

Reich MS, Klahs KJ, Fernandez I, Nguyen MP

To determine whether using nothing stronger than codeine and tramadol provides adequate pain alleviation in people recovering from fixation of a fract... Read More

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J Orthop Trauma  2020 Jan 14  

Plate assisted intramedullary nailing of Gustilo type IIIB open tibial diaphyseal fractures: Does adjunctive plate retention affect complication rate?

Stoddart MT, Al-Hourani K, Fowler T, Khan U, Kelly MB

To investigate the complication rates after use of retained adjunctive plate (RAP) fixation with intramedullary nailing of Gustilo-Anderson type IIIB ... Read More

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BMJ Open    

Lithium for Fracture Treatment (LiFT): a double-blind randomised control trial protocol.

Nam D, Balasuberamaniam P, Milner K, Kunz M, Vachhani K, Kiss A, Whyne C

Fracture healing can fail in up to 10% of cases despite appropriate treatment. While lithium has been the standard treatment for bipolar disorder, it ... Read More

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