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For ages now women have been crucified on a scale of ratings based on how fair they look. The trend has changed with society evolving to modernism, but the demand for fairer skin still exists in swatches of a laced population. Taking it a step forward the alpha male who was never coy about being dark and handsome has undergone a role reversal. He has also fallen prey to these "make me fair" game of fairness cream for men. What comes to our mind instantly is how much is too much? Brushing it aside sooner, the next question to be asked; does fairness cream work, that too on men?

Fairness Cream for Men - Does it Work?

To answer it all, itís a vicious mind game of brilliant professionals packaging and presenting to its audience the miracles of a wonder product that can change what you have as godís gift. In simpler words, the answer is - no cream in the world can change the color of your skin unless you consider other alternatives like a plastic surgery be it a man or a woman. Unless you are happy with the results of color change that Michael Jackson had as long as he lived itís best to rule out such serious alternatives too. Most of the fairness creams contain hydroquinone, a chemical slowing down melanin production and helping you gain your original skin color thatís lost due to wear and tear and exposure to sunlight, pollution, etc.

Difference of Skin Texture for Men and Women

The skin texture for men is significantly different from that of women. Well, growing a beard is a noteworthy difference primarily other than the others are hard to detect with bare eyes. The few other differences are:

  • Skin Thickness: A manís skin is about quarter times thicker than a womanís. While both will ultimately have thinning of the skin, but that would happen earlier for women compared to men. Men have an increased amount of androgens which results in thicker skin compared to women.
  • Collagen Density: The skin's elasticity and strength are due to the presence of collagen. The drop in collagen density is what adds to the aging process faster in women than men. Naturally, due to high collagen in men, the aging process is slower in men. However, because women are prompt with the usage of sunscreen and men are not, the premature aging from UV radiation adds years to a manís skin also by darkening and tanning it.
  • Hydration & Texture: Puberty stimulates the growth of facial hair in men giving rise to sweat secretions thus increase in lactic acid and low pH compared to women. In spite of that men look more hydrated comparatively.

So, if you thought its only women who need all the care, think about it! An average male spends relatively longer hours exposed to the harsh environment. He is most likely not to visit the doctor if at all any symptoms of the skin defect appear and even though men have thicker skin itís proven that most men have more sensitive skin than women. Hence checking out the contents of a fairness cream becomes extremely important for men too.


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AshJane01 Thursday, July 10, 2014

Use eye rid serum for glowing skin, any kind will do. and regular bronzer

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Can You Recommend Methods To whiten The skin?? Thanks.

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