Written by Dr. Deepti Bhandari, Ph.D (Psychology) | 

Medically Reviewed by The Medindia Medical Review Team  on Jul 02, 2018

Problems and Perception: Obstacles or Growth Agents

It's our own perception which colors the events, experiences, thoughts and actions in our daily life. If we see the situation as the one with lots of downside that saps our energy, it is a burden on us. Overcoming this situation can be very difficult, strenuous and energy depleting. It could take all our courage and confidence to face the challenge this situation poses. And yet we may not be able to find a reasonable solution to it. But if we perceive the situation as a stepping stone to reach our goal, instead of an obstacle, we may be able to concentrate on the possible alternatives present to reach solution. Thus, it is our perception that is, how we see the events or the light in which we see the events is what matters. Everything else becomes secondary if we are able to objectively perceive the situation.

Of course, there are numerous problems that have to be dealt with in our lifetime. Although, it is our perception which subjects us to view a situation as problematic, our emotions unquestionably color our perception. The emotionality subjects us to the bias. Key to reducing this bias is: (a) to acknowledge and appreciate the situation, however bad it seems to be; and (b) to focus on the strengths or the potential within us which is required to deal with the problem. Hence, with this outlook the problematic situation becomes a stepping stone. The problem is converted to a challenge which demands a required strength/potential to compete and complete the challenge. Now, growth substitutes the problem. There are no more problems, only growth. So the problem alley becomes the growth passage. This gives way to sense of determination, power, control and vitality to face the challenge and overcome it. This is a unique facet of problems. This aspect leads us to rejoice in life. Life regularly presents us with these opportunities to grow in each and every manner. It is our choice, not of fates, to view it in challenging and growth prospect.

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