Scanning, Cleansing and energizing are the techniques followed in both the fields. Hands are used in both the methods to scan the energy field and detect the disturbed area in the body. After the detection, fresh prana is infused into the patient by the healer. Infusing vitalized energy or prana into the body through the chakras, is the method of healing in Pranic Healing, whereas, Reiki transmits the healing energy by laying of hands or simply directing it to the body parts. Vibration and visualization are also part of the Reiki treatment.

What helps Reiki and Pranic Healing?
  • Breathing exercises and meditation help in self-healing of both the methods.

  • Sound and light play major role in Reiki healing and prana is vital in Pranic Healing.

  • Pranic Healing can be called as an offshoot of Yoga whereas Yoga helps in Reiki healing.

  • Both forms of healing help in cleansing homes, objects, work places and creating positive energy, positive thinking and positive relationship.

Connection with Nature

Reiki believes in healing all living and non- living things in the universe. Thus the plants, which do not flower or bear fruits for long, can be treated to act to our advantage. One can sense the responses of the plants through his fingertips.Both the healing methods draw their energy from nature or universe.Both believe in abundance of such energy and the right of every individual to access it.

Usually one who practices Reiki also practices Pranic Healing or vice versa. Those who have experienced both the energies are of the opinion that the healing is faster in Pranic Healing. Reiki starts the healing from the root cause and so it takes longer but both are equally effective and simple to follow.

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