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What are Blisters?

  • Occurs due to friction caused by constant rubbing of shoes / clothes
  • Outer skin layer separates from inner layer
  • The space in-between fills up with fluid
  • Common in athletes, trekkers, rowers
  • Also seen in people using new shoes
  • Can be prevented

Fever Blisters 

  • Fever blisters appear in /around mouth 
  • Fever blisters caused by virus, Herpes Simplex
  • Type-1 Herpes virus usually involved in fever blisters
  • These blisters are contagious
  • Recurrent episodes may occur
  • Recurrence due to stress/illness/injury/sunlight

  • Bubble-like structures on skin
  • Redness over the area
  • Itching
  • Pain

  • Make a hole at the edge of blister
  • Use a sterilized needle or pin
  • Pin/needle sterilized by passing over flame
  • Drain the accumulated fluid 
  • Keep skin intact to prevent infection
  • Clean blister with gauze containing iodine/alcohol
  • Apply antibiotic ointment
  • Cover with adhesive bandage for small blister
  • Use porous, bandage for large ones
  • Do not puncture blister if painless
  • Do not puncture a blood-filled blister
  • Blisters disappear in a few days time
  • Diabetics should consult doctor 
Managing for fever (Oral) blisters
  • No permanent cure/vaccination for Herpes infection
  • Keep blisters dry & free of infection
  • Eat a bland diet

Prevention Blisters

  • Wear the right size shoe
  • Cover the potential area with taping 
  • Keep feet dry always
Fever blisters

  • Avoid touching blisters
  • Avoid contact with an infected person
  • Avoid stressful situations

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i got a big massive blister on my penis and i need treatmen and help

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Im more of researching a tung blister. What website can I go into to find a first aid treatment for tung blister in the mouth.

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It's great to see good information on the care and treatment of blisters. Jack Joseph, Blisters on Feet

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Thank you for your information on blisters it has really helped me in my first aid research work while i am undertaking a diploma in Education P.E.
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