Women Rated "sexy" When in Their Stilettos!

by Tanya Thomas on Oct 10 2008 9:12 PM

Stilettos- may kill your back but it still does rate you high on a man’s sexiness radar, says a science journalist.

In her fascinating new book, "Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?" American science journalist Jena Pincott has said that wearing heels can make a woman statuesque, and hence more attractive to the opposite sex.

Heels make a lady’s feet look smaller and her gait becomes much more refined, making her calves and shins tensed and elongated. They also keep a woman's posture bolt upright.

Walking in heels makes the movement of a woman's lower limbs more sensual. In fact, high-heeled shoes adjust women's body proportions to come closer to perceived ideals, as well.

Researchers at the University of Wroclaw in Poland asked more than 200 men and women to rate the attractiveness of diagrams of seven men and seven women with varying leg lengths.

Both the sexes said that a leg length that is 5 per cent longer than the norm for a person's height is ideal.

Thus, if the average leg length of a 5ft 5in woman is 30in, as measured from the sole of the foot to the crease where the thigh meets the pelvis, a woman this height could make her legs look 5 per cent longer by wearing 1.5in heels.

In the study, legs that were 10 per cent longer than average were also considered sexy, but legs 15per cent longer were not.

Generally, if someone's between 5ft 4in and 5ft 8in, heels up to 3-3.5in will flatter their proportions - anything higher starts to look odd.

Also, focusing on proportions, a study at University College in London found the ideal female figure had legs exactly 1.4 times the length of the upper body, which is the leg-to-torso ratio of Nicole Kidman, Naomi Campbell and most other supermodels.