by Rajashri on  October 13, 2008 at 2:54 PM Cancer News
 Women Getting Tested After Jade Goody's Cancer Diagnosis
Jade Goody's cervical cancer diagnosis has raised awareness among women and has led to thousands more getting tested for cervical cancer.

Since the former Big Brother star was diagnosed in August, smear tests have gone up about 20 percent.

"I'm pleased my cancer has raised awareness among women," the Sun quoted Goody, as saying.

"Hopefully more tests will save lives and reduce the number of women who would otherwise share my pain," she added.

The increase in cervical cancer tests was compared to the "Kylie Effect", which saw breast cancer awareness raised after the singer fell ill.

At Sheffield Primary Care Trust 750 women a day now have tests, up from 250 a week before the news of Goody's fate.

And Southwark PCT in south London saw a 25 per cent increase in smears.

Cancer Research UK's Liz Woolf said: "Jade's story made a lot more people seek information about cervical cancer."

Source: ANI

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