by Rajashri on  September 20, 2009 at 12:01 PM Lifestyle News
 Women Cannot Keep Secrets for More Than 2 Days
A new survey has revealed that most women cannot keep a secret for more than 47 hours.

In the survey involving 3,000 women aged 18 to 65, four in 10 respondents admitted that they cannot keep a secret, no matter how personal or embarrassing.

While 83 per cent of women believe they are "completely trustworthy" and three in four claim they would never betray a confidence, it is unlikely they keep their lips sealed.

And their likely confidante is their husband, boyfriend, mother or best friend.

Nearly 45 per cent said they blurt out secrets just to get it off their chests and then most of them feel guilty.

More than half blamed alcohol for blurting out the secrets.

"It's official - women can't keep secrets," the Daily Express quoted ichael Cox, UK director of Wines of Chile, which commissioned the research, as saying.

"What we didn't bank on was how quickly these are passed on. Every Brit who has confided in a friend should be worried," he added.

Women hear at least three nuggets of gossip a week - about sex, affairs, or how much -so-and-so really spent on that handbag.

Source: ANI

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