by Hannah Joy on  April 11, 2017 at 12:24 PM Lifestyle News
Why Salt And Not Sugar Should Be Added To Coffee
Salt, not sugar, should be added to our cup of joe, reveals a recent study. Strange as it may sound, coffee drinkers are now claiming that adding salt to a cup of coffee enhances the flavor by suppressing bitterness.

A study from the Journal Nature showed that sodium ions suppress the bitterness in coffee and actually enhance its flavor. And while it shouldn't be added to every cup of coffee, if its particularly bitter then a small pinch of salt will help to mellow the overall flavor.

So, next time you order your morning coffee and the first sip makes your face shrink, whip out your finest Salt Bae impression and add a dash of salt to take off the bitter edge. This isn't the first time beverage buffs have lauded the properties of salt though.

Vino experts have previously touted the seasoning for its ability to smooth and balance the flavours of some low-cost bottles of wine.

Former Microsoft Chief Technology officer Nathan Myhrvold made the discovery at a dinner party after he added a pinch of salt to another guest's glass of Cabernet.

Consequently, he found that the overall taste of the wine had improved. Unlike sugar, you need very little to make a difference.

Anything more than a tiny pinch and you'll ruin your coffee and wine. After all, no one wants to be drinking caffeinated seawater.

Source: ANI

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