What Makes Men Stray?

by Hannah Punitha on Dec 8 2008 4:25 PM

 What Makes Men Stray?
Best-selling author and marriage counsellor M Gary Neuman, in his new book has unravelled what makes men stray.
For his new book, 'Why Men Stray And What You Can Do To Prevent It', M Gary Neuman spent two years studying 100 men who had affairs and 100 men who were faithful.

And he found that men cheat not because the other woman is prettier and slimmer, but because they aren't emotionally satisfied with their wives or girlfriends.

"Only eight per cent of the cheating men said it was sexual dissatisfaction at home and 88 per cent said the mistress was not better-looking or in better shape than their wife," quoted Neuman as saying.

He added: "The number one reason behind their cheating was the emotional dissatisfaction they felt in their marriage and the emotional connection they unfortunately developed in the affair."

In fact, he found that around 69 per cent men had initially thought they would never cheat and were actually surprised at their own insecurity.

"They didn't think they'd fall into an illicit relationship because they were in need of some appreciation and admiration," explained Neuman.

But it doesn't mean that the blame lies with the woman, said Neuman, as many women are interested in learning what they could have done to prevent their partner's adultery.

"It tells women that emotional connection at home is by far the most important way to develop a happy marriage and reduce the risk of cheating," he said.

According to Neuman, the signs of adultery are:

1.He spends more time away from home.

2.You have sex infrequently.

3.He avoids contact with you.

4.He criticises you more often.

5.He starts fights with you.

6.He may start talking about other women.

7.Neuman's action plan


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