by Aruna on  September 22, 2009 at 10:46 AM Lifestyle News
Victorians Can Survive Without Sex, Car Or Even A Partner But Not Without Internet!
People of Victoria can do without sex, car or even a partner, but not the Internet, a new survey suggests.

The Optus Family Communication Survey provided a list of things to the Victorians to choose without which they could survive for a month.

It emerged that seven out of 10 would rather give up their partner than internet.

However, residents of NSW, South Australia and Queensland are less likely to trade their partner for the net, the Herald Sun reports.

The list of things they were asked to rank in order included sex, car, mobile phone, annual overseas holiday and landline telephone.

The survey further suggested that Victorian families have doubled and even tripled the use of Internet in the past five years.

Apparently, kids aged 10 to 17 seem to use the internet for social networking than to help doing their homework.

Nine out of 10 Victorians said web is the best way of obtaining new information.

Source: ANI

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