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Usage of Words by Brit Men is What Charms American Women: Jude Law
Actor Jude Law believes that the words British men use is what charms American women.

Speaking at the premiere of his film 'Sleuth' last week, Law said that British men allure American women with words like 'naughty' and 'lovely'.

"Perhaps it's the use of words. We use words like 'lovely,' don't we? And 'naughty.' I think they quite like that," New York Daily quoted Law, as saying.

The 34-year-old actor also said that being called as a heartthrob means that people are paying attention.

"It's a silly situation, because it's always 'Grass is greener,'" Law said.

"When you're called one thing, you want to be understood as [something else], and if you're called the other thing, you want to go the other way. But I think the beauty of not aging, because I'm not that old but you just mellow out and you realize that to be called anything means people are paying attention," he added.

Law' co-star Michael Caine, and director Kenneth Branagh have both had their turns as British heartthrobs.

Source: ANI

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