by Savitha C Muppala on  September 4, 2013 at 4:16 PM Child Health News
 Tumor Spotted During a Routine Eye Test Proves Life-saving for 10-year-old Girl
Lauren, a bespectacled 10-year-old girl of Linden Road, Barton under Needwood complained of trouble reading what was written on the board in school.

Her mother, Tresa Uncles, approached Specsavers, in High Street for what she thought would just be a routine eye test and perhaps an increase in eye power.

The routine test turned very important and crucial as the optometrist noticed something abnormal and referred her to Burton's Queen's Hospital for further tests. The tests at the hospital revealed that the girl had a brain tumor.

Within 24 hours, Lauren had to undergo surgery to have the tumor removed, which would have otherwise gravely affected her vision and could have even left her blind.

"I was distraught but just 36 hours after the eye test I watched Lauren go into surgery to have fluid drained and parts of the tumor removed. Luckily the doctors said it could not have gone better but there is still a tumor in her head, it has just been reduced in size. She will have to be regularly tested and in the future could face more operations to remove more fluid or the whole tumor and could even have to radiotherapy at some point. But now we are just reflecting on the fact that we are so lucky to have caught it and just how brave she was", Tresa said.

Extremely grateful to the optometrist, David from Specsavers for saving her life, she also sent out an appeal to all parents to ensure they take their children for an eye test. In Lauren's case, a routine eye test turned life-saving.

Source: Medindia

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