by Dr. Enozia Vakil on  September 23, 2013 at 6:49 PM Lifestyle News
 Try Yoga Poses Without Even Getting Out of Bed!
Now you can do yoga even without getting out of bed! A yoga instructor has unveiled poses to try without getting off bed.

Vyda Bielkus, co-founder of Boston's Health Yoga Life, said that people underestimate the power of those few minutes before we get out of bed and rush into our day, asserting that in those moments, a person can set up some clear intentions and choices.

She said that reclining goddess pose, where you lie with the soles of your feet touching with your arms by your side or stretched above your head, is a good pose to do before you go to sleep, as it settles the mind and helps you unwind.

Legs-up-the-wall pose is an especially soothing meditative posture, which Bieklus calls a "time out for adults." She said that doing this inversion eases tension in the legs.

In forward bend, a person has to sit up on their bed and fold forward, reaching for their heels, toes or shins.

Bielkus said that wherever a person's hands land is fine, asserting that if a person feels tight in the backs of your legs, they should be sure to bend their knees.

In child's pose, a person has t kneel on the mattress and allow their big toes to touch. People should separate their knees as wide as their hips (or as far as is comfortable) and then lie down between your thighs. This pose is restorative.

Source: ANI

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