Toxic Pollution in London Blamed on the Filthy Rich

by Rajashri on Aug 11 2008 5:13 PM

It appears that the rich and the famous in London do not care about global warming.

An investigation undertaken by The Sun recently found cars of at least 50 tycoons being driven around the Harrods shopping block by their chauffeurs for hours, spewing gas fumes.

Yellow lines restrict the streets around the London store, but there are metered parking spaces nearby for just three pounds an hour.

In the worst case witnessed on Saturday, a 150,000-pound Bentley Continental GT spent four hours going around as its two women passengers shopped.

The car emits four times more toxic carbon dioxide than a Nissan Micra - and is the equivalent of driving a low emission car almost 170 miles.

One oil millionaire idled outside the shop for an hour - and he had also paid 20,000 pounds to fly the 120,000 pound Bentley from Dubai.

Decked out in expensive designer clothes and sunglasses, he drove half a mile from Battersea, south London, to take his wife and kids to the shops.

The Sun also saw a Mercedes S500 driving around for 60 minutes - belching out 3.5 kilogram of carbon dioxide.

Harrods, owned by Mohamed Fayed, declined to comment.