Too Much Parental Control Makes Kids Very Obsessive

by Tanya Thomas on Sep 20 2008 2:52 PM

Too Much Parental Control Makes Kids Very Obsessive
Parental control is an absolute must when it comes to bringing up children but scientists argue that too much of anything is not too good. A study conducted at the Universite de Montreal, Canada says that if parents become very overbearing and authoritarian, children tend to be a whole lot more obsessive than their peers. This has especially been noticed when it comes to a child’s/adult’s passion for hobbies.
The research team led by Professor Genevieve Mageau, of the Universite de Montreal's Department of Psychology, studied 588 musicians and athletes between the ages of six and 38 who practice their hobby at different levels (beginner, intermediate and expert).

And with the help of Likert-type scale, she measured how parents supported the autonomy of their child.

She also evaluated the psychological well being of the child regarding their hobby, which in this case was piano, saxophone, skiing or swimming.

"The more controlling parents are, the harder it is for the child to have a harmonious passion for their favorite activity," said Mageau.

Her concept of supporting autonomy means allowing a child to face up to his or her responsibilities, while considering the child's point of view and also providing answers to their questions without being authoritative.

According to Mageau, adults often admit exercising abusive authority over their children and sometimes forcing their offspring to pursue an activity against their will.

"The child learns that by obeying their parents they will be loved," she said

"The risk is that as adults they continue to pursue the activity to maintain their self-esteem," she added.


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