Tom and Jerry Syndrome

by Savitha C Muppala on Dec 4 2013 10:01 AM

 Tom and Jerry Syndrome
Some of us react with irritation when we hear certain household noises like a can opening or rustling of newspaper or even hammering.
Research says that we are not the only ones who get annoyed with such noises; cats too can get so upset by such household noises and can suffer seizures.

Some of the common sounds that we are so used to like the ringing of an alarm clock or the rustling of a crisp packet can cause seizures in your pet cat.

In his research, Vet Mark Lowrie, from the Davies Veterinary Specialists, looked at the subject of animal irritation in the household and has invited response from animal owners.

Vets have discovered that a type of feline seizure known as 'Tom and Jerry syndrome', due to its similarities to a particular scene in the well-known cartoon can actually be triggered by the slightest sound.

Some of the normal household noises can upset cats who are victims of this syndrome and they could suffer seizures.

"In doing this it is hoped we can understand the cause and see if we can find better ways of treating the condition. The aim is to use this information to help cats and it may even become useful to help people who suffer from this difficult condition."