by Gandhi on  September 19, 2007 at 3:52 PM Child Health News
Tight Socks Causes Lesions in Infants
Socks with tight elastic bands may cause lesions on legs of infants according to a research study at the Washington University. These sock-line bands are raised, reddish markings in the region of the ankle or leg, which occur after wearing a tight pair of socks just once.

According to the study, the marks fade but the raised lines remain. However, the lesions appear to be harmless.

Since the condition has only recently been recognised, it is unclear whether scarring will be permanent.

Parents have been asked to choose socks for their infants very carefully and make sure that the sock isn't too tight.

"Sock line lesions appear to have a benign course," the Daily Mail quoted Dr David Berk, one of the report's authors as saying.

"However it is important that we recognise the disorder to allow us to collect data and cases, to better characterise how lesions develop," Dr Bark added.

"While these bands are generally harmless, it is valuable for researchers to be able to discuss this possible new phenomenon in relation to already established skin disorder," Dr Colin Holden of the British Association of Dermatologists said.

Source: ANI

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