Thirty Percent Improvement in Yields With Superwheat

by Savitha C Muppala on May 14 2013 9:03 AM

Thirty Percent Improvement in Yields With Superwheat
A mix of an age old variety of wheat with a modern one in a bid to improve the production of wheat, has led to some amazing results.
The National Institute of Agricultural Botany has come out with this new strain without employing genetic modification.

To acquire the character and traits of a 10,000 year old strain, botanists used cross-pollination and seed embryo transfer technology.

Botanists are happy with the resulting crop as it is bigger and stronger. They are optimistic that productivity can be increased by 30% with this new process.

The outcome of initial trials has showed a lot of promise. We may need to wait for another five years during which time more tests on the crop and mandatory approvals will give an improved yield.