The World's Most Expensive Cup of Starbucks Coffee

by Savitha C Muppala on Feb 23 2013 2:11 PM

 The World
Aromatic and tasty coffee is legendary in many homes, and often gives a great start to a day. The caffeine in the coffee does act as a catalyst to a productive day at work. If you feel lazy, you can get that renewed burst of energy from this innocuous looking cuppa coffee.
Starbucks, famous for their coffee, has introduced a cup which may cost you dear. Priced at a steep $47.30, it might be a tad unfriendly to the pocket.

Coffee is a favorite beverage in America. Though, most cups of coffee are reasonably priced, anywhere from $1 $2 to $5, this cuppa from starbucks quite takes the cake.

Coffee is a great beverage – one that’s been used over the years and also has a fair share of romanticism attached to it. But the next time you decide to gulp down some caffeine – be it to stay awake before an exam, to get back to piled up work, to improve athletic performance on the track field, or just to get a high – do it in as healthy a way as possible.