The World's Cities Need Better Air Quality Indicators

by Rukmani Krishna on Aug 30 2012 11:55 PM

 The World
A recent Policy Forum article which describes the need for urban health equity indicators to guide public health policy in cities and urban areas was reflected upon by PLOS Medicine Editors. The review can be found in their August editorial and the article is by Jason Corburn and Alison Cohen*.
The Editors focus on the need for better air quality data for the world's cities because many cities with the worst airborne particulate levels are in low- and middle-income countries and often have limited data. Worryingly, the World Health Organization estimates that 1.34 million premature deaths were at attributable to outdoor air pollution in 2008.

The Editors note that, "for [air quality] indicators to be effective they must be context-specific and relevant, and be made available transparently so that they can be open to interpretation and re-evaluation."