Terminal Lung Cancer Patient Will Walk Marathon to Raise Funds for Research

by Julia Samuel on Apr 27 2015 7:13 PM

Terminal Lung Cancer Patient Will Walk Marathon to Raise Funds for Research
Angela Field, 39, a brave mother-of-two fighting terminal lung cancer, will walk the London Marathon on April 28 dressed as ’Superwoman’ to inspire her children.
Despite never smoking and having consumed a healthy diet was struck down with the debilitating incurable illness last year. Her illness was diagnosed when she failed to respond to antibiotics. An X-ray showed suspicious marks on her chest and she was soon called in for further tests. Doctors told Angela that she had a tumor in her lung that spread in several areas.

Angela said, "My first thought was I’m too busy for all this. I’ve got to collect the boys from school, birthday parties to organize, half marathons to run, bids to manage. There’s no time for me to be ill.”

Surgeons found a large amount of fluid around her heart and that her liver was enlarged. "The experts still had every confidence that ‘it’s unlikely to be lung cancer’ as I was young, fit, a non-smoker, and otherwise healthy," she said.

Against all the odds, Angela wants to beat the London Marathon to inspire her children and raise money for the Cancer Treatment and Research Trust.

She wrote on her blog, "Now it’s about running the London Marathon because I’m still alive and because I can and at the same time I can try to raise some money for cause that means so much to us. I also want to show that the diagnosis doesn’t matter — if you stay fit and ’healthy’, and positive, you can achieve amazing things.”


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