Teen Who Suffers from Rare Condition Eats Only Noodles

by Kathy Jones on Apr 11 2013 7:29 PM

 Teen Who Suffers from Rare Condition Eats Only Noodles
An 18-year old British girl is suffering from a rare condition that makes her eat nearly 30 miles of noodles every year as she is afraid of eating anything else.
Georgi Readman from Isle of Wight, survives on nine 11p packets of value chicken noodles from Morrisons every week. She is suffering from a condition known as selective eating disorder that prevents her from eating other food items as she is afraid of getting sick.

Georgi revealed that her fear of other foods can be traced back to a bout of food poisoning that she suffered when on a holiday 10 years ago which nearly required hospitalization. The 18-year old added that she wants to be a jockey but is so undernourished that she cannot ride properly.

“I’d love to be a jockey. I’ve got an interview at the British Racing School but you have to be at least 9st 7lb. I just want to put on weight and become physically fit so I can ride. I hate having to put up with this”, she said.