Sweden Warns Against STD's by Posting Cheeky Messages on Airport Toilet Seats

by Dr. Trupti Shirole on Jun 12 2015 5:57 AM

Sweden Warns Against STD
Statistics reveal that around 38,000 Swedes contracted HIV, gonorrhoea or chlamydia last year. In the wake of these high figures, Swedish authorities have launched a health care campaign, named ’Ligg lugnt’ (Get laid, get safe), that is warning young travelers this summer against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) by posting cheeky messages on airport toilet seats.
Starting June 15, 2015, travelers using the toilets at airports in central and southern Sweden, including Skavsta airport outside Stockholm, will be greeted with a message on the toilet seat that reads- "You won’t catch chlamydia here. You’ll catch it after the beach party on Rhodes. Take care of yourself this summer. Use a condom."

Caroline Lundh, one of the people in charge of the campaign, said, "We wanted to rely on a new way of sending out a message. If we were to display the information in the ordinary spots, we would probably not get the same kind of attention. It was aimed at 20 to 30-year-olds heading off on holiday who rarely use condoms, and who are the main group at risk of contracting the venereal disease chlamydia. Condoms are expected to be dispensed free of charge in the airports."

When returning from their holidays, travelers will be met by a life-size picture of a young woman in a short dress holding a signage that reads- "You didn’t bring back an STD in your luggage, did you? Take a test if you’re worried."

The project was being financed by eight counties and regional councils.